One Stop Custom Music

Kati Mac, Owner/Artist Indie singer songwriter from NY, former lead singer for Meat Loaf (83-86) and Warner Chappell writer (96-01),  Tim Ouimette Trumpet player, artist, arranger (Ray Charles, Keith Richards) , Jon Cobert Pianist, artist, composer, arranger ( John Lennon, Tom Chapin) and Askold Buk Guitarist artist composer and arranger (B.B. King The Lord Calverts).

 250 + multi genre tracks: songs and underscores with alt mixes and stems available or will write a custom track for your project.

Top genres : Singer songwriter ala Sarah McGraughlin

Roots/Americana ala Bonnie Rait and Allanah Myles  

Authentic indie 90’s rock Ala Alanis Morrisette

Electro Pop, Jazz,  EDM, PD Holiday Music. 

A select roster of other indie artists including female rapper Divinity Roxx.

 Many Daytime TV placements.

The theme for the Guiding Light.

7 Emmy nominations for best song.

Currently provide music for The Young and The Restless.